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Half HR Foam/Half Active Bond

A hybrid mattress delivers the uniqueness of both materials: high density high resilience foam on top for plush laytex comfort, with specially engineered active bond material underneath for full-body support.

Premium Cover Fabric

Premium-weight, germen knitted fabric with soft spun yarn that allows the high resilience foam underneath to easily conform to your body. Side panels use a breathable border fabric that allows more airflow to help keep you more comfortable during the night.

High Resilience Foam

In top layer of mattress, layer of high resilience foam for adjustable bounce back, optimum airflow and proper support. It gives you feeling of Laytex.

Active Bond Material

In the bottom layer of mattress, layer of high-density active bond material for exceptional back support & durability.


Both side quilted with soft pure foam for enhanced comfort.


6” & above